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Stage Acts

Stage acts are perfect for crowds at any corporate gathering, function or event, gala dinner, cabaret setting or to slot into an existing touring show. Neisha's act/s generally range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in duration and acts can be adjusted to suit your theme. Types of acts available are juggling and object balance, slack rope, character and comedy, dangerous stunts and audience participation.

Cha Chi's Tossing Show

Cha Chi's Tossing Show is an action packed 40 minute family friendly interactive variety and circus extravaganza. The show contains amazing juggling feats combined with comedy, object manipulation, a 3 metre razor sharp saw balance, a circus catapult that can throw knives, Australia's most dangerous plate spinning trick, ridiculous stunts on the slack rope and a story of love. What more could you want!

The Loveable Larrikin Show

1 Loveable Larrikin.png
2 Loveable Larrikin.png
3 Loveable Larrikin.png

The Variety Superstar Show

1 Niche The variety.png
2 Niche The variety.png
3 Niche The variety.png

The Splish Splashing
Circus Spectacular

1 The Splashing Circus.png
2 The Splashing Circus.png
3 The Splashing Circus.png

The Jingle Jangle
Juggling Show

1 Jingle Jangle.png
2 Jingle Jangle.png
3 Jingle Jangle.png

Circus Workshop

1 Circus Workshop.png
2 Circus Workshop.png
3 Circus Workshop.png

Learn 2 Juggle

1 Learn to juggle.png
2 Learn to juggle.png
3 Learn to juggle.png

Host and MC

Make your event slick, polished and your guests entertained by having a professional MC host your event. Neisha is charismatic and full of energy and has over 10 years experience hosting events internationally and in Australia for a range of companies, launches, shows and events. She can MC as her charming self or whichever style you wish with a variety of characters/personas available to suit your theme.

Roving Entertainment

This entertainment encompasses a themed character roaming throughout a crowd performing comedy, clowning or interactive circus skills like juggling, balance or stilts. Neisha has a large variety of characters/personas and costumes available and they can be adjusted to suit your event or theme.



Variety. The best thing about Neisha is she really is a super star in whatever challenge is thrown at her.

Honora Jenkins 

Neisha has strong attention to detail and a creative mind.

Nat Harris

You have an amazing playful energy which invites people in. Audience's are drawn to your engaging personality.

Janine Schramm

Neisha, you are a super star. You will be in my next book!

Mark St Leon 

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