Variety. The best thing about Neisha is she really is a super star in whatever challenge is thrown at her.

Honora Jenkins 

Neisha has strong attention to detail and a creative mind.

Nat Harris

You have an amazing playful energy which invites people in. Audience's are drawn to your engaging personality.

Janine Schramm

Neisha, you are a super star. You will be in my next book!

Mark St Leon 



Neisha is a vibrant variety entertainer whose performance style blends the ultimate unique mix of high level skill with amazing physical performance.  She enjoys the genuineness of performance and audiences find her work entertaining, engaging and completely unforgettable!

Neisha is a well established MC and her other physical skills include juggling, slack rope, comedy and she performs dare devil stunts like the neck hang of destruction and playing her ukulele upside down in a tank full of water!

Neisha saw balance
Neisha head balance
Neisha knives
Neisha fire staff
Neisha ring mistress
Neisha slackrope clown
Neisha Zebi character



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Neisha saw balance